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So, tomorrow would be the second anniversary of me not posting anything in my lj! orz
I went away because, sadly, I kind of lost inspiration... I kept reading the manga I followed, but I just couldn't write or draw for the longest time. ;__; family problems, health, college keeping me busy, but recently I found it again~! So, here I am.
For those who still have me in their friends list, thank you for keeping me <3 Catching up after a two year absence is impossible, but I'll try to keep up from now on.
I decided to post a few of my just-for-fun fics here. Things I write for myself or for a few close friends, just because I'd like to have them posted online somewhere. It's mainly bleach and naruto, featuring several of the canon characters and original characters of my own (I know many people do not like them, so I thought I'd leave a warning or something).
So, sorry if a random fic pops up on your friends list every now and then ^^'

Also, I'm always open for prompts~! And now that I've got my writing mojo back (lol), I'd like to try writing out other people's ideas!

Thanks for reading! And hopefully I'll go back on being active here again! : )
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I was cleaning my figurines the other day, so I thought I'd snap a few pictures of all my fandom things to keep a certain record. =) Also, I just have to share my love for my newest aquisition. *w*

Stuff )Stuff )
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Yah... So I was bored out of my mind at friggin' 5 AM, staring at the ceiling. I remained there up until 6 when my mom's alarm went off. She walked by my room at some point and saw the state I was and kindly told me to get off my lazy ass if I was awake and go do something productive out of my life find something to do.
I asked her "Liek whut?"
Her, being the creative person she is, told me to go take some pictures and show it to her later on (She's also a photographer).
It was a good idea, actually (I had already taken some of the sky in pretty pastel colors <3), so I packed a few things, called a friend and we went walking around randomly and taking pictures =)

Oh, the things boredom makes me do... )


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