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Yah... So I was bored out of my mind at friggin' 5 AM, staring at the ceiling. I remained there up until 6 when my mom's alarm went off. She walked by my room at some point and saw the state I was and kindly told me to get off my lazy ass if I was awake and go do something productive out of my life find something to do.
I asked her "Liek whut?"
Her, being the creative person she is, told me to go take some pictures and show it to her later on (She's also a photographer).
It was a good idea, actually (I had already taken some of the sky in pretty pastel colors <3), so I packed a few things, called a friend and we went walking around randomly and taking pictures =)

So, this is the sky at 6:11 AM as seen from my bedroom window. Preeeeetty pink. <3

Here is the mess that is my desk. Lil' Tadpole (my ipod), my Lilo & Stitch coloring pencils mom brought from Japan <3 and yah, two computers, very environment-friendly, I know. But they aren't usually on at the same time, I was just transferring stuff from the pc to the laptop.

Closer shot. My KENPACHI DESKTOP <3333 my DS, my cell phone on top of it, BYA-CHAN strapped to it <33 and my Thomas Harris collection.

After that I went after my mom. Since she was the one to give me the idea on the first place, I couldn't leave or let her leave without taking a picture of her. I initially pointed the camera at her when she was just coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel XD She yelled and ran back inside, so I waited until she got dressed and followed her around the house 8D. She was bending over to pick up something and said "I bet you're going to take a picture now." I honestly wasn't going to, but since she insisted...

She's so going to kill me. XD


Here she's in "I'mgonnak33lljoo mode: OFF"

Those flowers are actually tsurus. Aside from a photographer, she's an origami teacher and a thousand more things... Woman's a friggin' genius.

I asked for her Gucci glasses our cousins gave her in Japan. She agreed to lend me, but only after taking a picture with them herself XD

Damn glasses look good on everyone.

But these are the ones I'm actually going to wear. XD

Mom was bugging me to get a coat, 'coz she's my mom and that's like, her job XD so I stol'd her coffee >3 Just for picture purpose, though XD I don't even drink coffee. Busted fingers are sponsored by Ninjutsu classes.

So here's the stuff I'm taking with me. Notebook, sketch board, paper, a music sheet that happened to be there, cell phone, tadpole, pencils and a book that didn't appear in the picture.

The cutest maneki neko figurine in my mom's office.

Time check + otaku playlist. Heading ooout!

Heeeere's the squaaare. Called my friend Henrique, who is VERY Shunsui-like XD I'm calling him Shun, actually, what pisses him off because the Shun that comes to his mind is the gay Saint Seiya one. He said he wouldn't come if I were to post any pictures of him, so... you won't be seeing his handsome face u.u

Pretty fountain.

And around the time I took this picture of the fountain, he arrived and scared the hell out of me with a scolding, telling me I should pay more attention because guys were staring at me XD
He kept offering to put his arms around me and pretend he was my boyfriend to make them stop staring, but I only accepted when this really creepy girl came out of nowhere and began seriously hitting on him and I could see the despair on his face. I'm usually not one to judge others on creepyness XD but she had like, three piercings in each of her cheeks, which were so hard not to stare at and I couldn't help myself but want to pull them off DX

After that I drew and wrote while discussing random anime stuff with him and we decided to go sit under a tree.

the tree XD

random picture he took of me while his head was on my lap.

two HOT German guys who happened to ask us for directions. I tried out a few things I managed to remember from the time I used to learn German by myself xD and they actually complimented me. \o/

I went to the bank afterwards, Shun Henry followed me, we stayed there for a loooooooong time and talked crap during most of it XD When I finally got to the attendant, he told her we were married. *facepalms* and I have this distinctive feeling that she would've bought it if I had played along, too XD

Then we stopped at his place, grabbed a few dvds, headed to my house. We watched Fairly Oddparents together 8D had lunch and then he had to go to his classes.

And I went after my mom again =D

She got addicted to this game.

it's friggen' awesome.

us being addicted together <3

And after this picture and a lot of bugging from my part, she yanked the camera from me and commanded me to go be bored again xD

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