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I was cleaning my figurines the other day, so I thought I'd snap a few pictures of all my fandom things to keep a certain record. =) Also, I just have to share my love for my newest aquisition. *w*

This one should be a picture of all my figurines, but then I glanced at my desk and realized I had left out a few =__=

There ya go, all of them. Kinda blurry, but I couldn't use flash or else most of them would get too bright.

Close-ups. Neji and Hinata. I wanted one only of him, but this set without her doesn't look that cool xD

Seijuurou Hiko from Rurouni Kenshin. <3 No idea why his skin looks so yellow here.

Agito from Air Gear. He goes into the category of badass-shorty 8D Right next to Hitsu-chan xD

My cousin who lives in Japan sent me this xD OP and DB = <3
And I still want a Zoro figuriiine ;3; Especially a chibi one xD

My brother gave me this Totoro :3 It's actually a pencil sharpener, but I don't want to get it all dirty, so it just sits on my deks xD

PoT <33333 Kirihara-chan. is. adorable! And Ryoma is kinda pouting xD

Onto the Bleach ones! Bya-chaaaan being his pretty self! <3

Figurines from the same set. The only Jyuu figurine I ever saw D: Kubo, Jyuu needs more merchandise!!

These are actually pieces used for playing rpg =)

behind those cards are the status for each character. I also got a Rukia one together with those two, but gave it as a birthday gift for a friend who cosplays as her.
Also, three Bya-chans xD Not hard to figure out who was my first Bleach obsession.

again from the same series. Sorreh, Shuu xD Kisuke outshines you.

This series is just so cute! I wish I had bought more of them wearing the school uniform. <3

My gamer side xD Kos-mos <333


Moar Bleach <333 Cell phone straps! Hitsu-chan stands on his own because of Hyourinmaru's tail xD

Shiiiiiiiiirts!! The only one I actually bought was the Chun-li one xD the others I got from friends and in contests.

The shirt every Death Note fan owns xD Also got from a friend. The L one I wear often and get pointed at by random people on the streets. A few actually came over to talk to me xD

Bleeeeach! xD This is my ultimate act of fangirlyness. I bought those for one purpose only... Sleeping in them 8D *shoots self xD* I'm still bitter because they didn't have a Jyuu one and the Ken-chan ones had already sold out. u.u

Head gear xD Bunny ears and Kisuke's hat <3

Keychaaains! Got the Neji one as a gift from a friend and the Kisuke one was from my boyfriend, he got it when he was in the US. He doesn't know Bleach, but he remembered that I have his hat and bought it for me :3

A small sculpture I made of Gintama's Erizabesu xD

Random plushies. One of Sanrio's character my mom bought in her recent visit to Japan. An angeling a friend got me on my birthday. Naruto's wallet =). And two pokemons my mom got me and my brother when she first went to Japan in 1999.

And now... My most beloved possession.

My Jyuu plushie!!!! <3333 *squishes*

Isn't he the cutest thing?? <33333 I spend hours styling his hair XD
What do you think, Rae-chan? ^^
This was hand made by a friend of mine. She's an AMAZING artist and takes comissions. =)
Here's a link to her prices over at deviantart: *click*

I also have many manga collections, other keychains and buttons, but it'd be a hassle to take pictures of them xD I used to have a one piece cap signed by Eichiiro Oda but I gave it to my brother =)
I thought about including pictures of my kimonos and japanese accessories, too, but it's not really fandom xD
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