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2012-03-21 10:45 pm

Fanfic Masterlist

Easier to keep track of the ones posted elsewhere like this.

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2012-03-18 01:33 am

Various Fanart

I was scanning my sketchbook today, so I decided to post the ones I liked best here! =)
See tags for the randomness of fandoms. VERY image-heavy.


Prince of Tennis~ )

Random~ )

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2012-02-11 06:33 pm
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I'm alive~ And a little heads-up

So, tomorrow would be the second anniversary of me not posting anything in my lj! orz
I went away because, sadly, I kind of lost inspiration... I kept reading the manga I followed, but I just couldn't write or draw for the longest time. ;__; family problems, health, college keeping me busy, but recently I found it again~! So, here I am.
For those who still have me in their friends list, thank you for keeping me <3 Catching up after a two year absence is impossible, but I'll try to keep up from now on.
I decided to post a few of my just-for-fun fics here. Things I write for myself or for a few close friends, just because I'd like to have them posted online somewhere. It's mainly bleach and naruto, featuring several of the canon characters and original characters of my own (I know many people do not like them, so I thought I'd leave a warning or something).
So, sorry if a random fic pops up on your friends list every now and then ^^'

Also, I'm always open for prompts~! And now that I've got my writing mojo back (lol), I'd like to try writing out other people's ideas!

Thanks for reading! And hopefully I'll go back on being active here again! : )
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2010-02-12 12:16 am
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~The All-Time Big-Ass Anime List~

Yeah, anime, too =P
Went through anime news network's database for this one xD So many memories

Za List~ )
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2010-02-11 11:53 pm
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~The All-Time Big-Ass Manga List~

So yeah, I'm still booooooooooored out of my mind.
And because my bored!hobby is to find random manga to read, I decided to try and list all the mangas I've read (that could be found on mangafox and onemanga's database, at least) and post it here just to keep some sort of track.

I'm always open for recommendations and if anyone wants to know my opinion in one of them, please, ask~!

Za List~ )
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2010-02-07 11:33 am
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I'm sick. And pissed. And bored out of my mind.
I can't sleep, I can't eat without making it worse, my mother is in pain and I can't stand that, my brother is never around, my father cares, but is too lazy to actually do something about it.
And my supposedly friends, who are very well aware of all of that above, still whine and cry to me about the dumbest shit EVER and actually expect me to cheer them up and complain that I'm not willing to listen and I don't give constructive criticism like before.
Even more, they question my choice of career because of that.

...Well, FUCK.
Apparently, I'm not entitled to my own pain.
You don't see me crying about every fucking thing, but guess what? I do hurt, too.

The only reason I'm still inside this house is because I don't want to leave my mother alone.

I NEED something to get my mind out of things.

Feel free to ignore. Just venting out.
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2010-01-27 11:07 pm
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Tagged by [ profile] fiercepotato , with whom I share iPod-related quirks xD 

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you,
or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. I'm a quarter Japanese, a quarter Italian, half Brazilian with Portuguese and Spanish descendants as well, born, raised and currently living in Brazil. I speak Portuguese (duh), English (duh²), Spanish, understand a lot of Japanese (although I can't write/read >>; learned from ear), can make my way around Italian and French and am currently taking German classes. Can you tell I have a thing for languages..? : P

2. I'm the lead female singer of a J-music (anisongs and J-rock mostly) band that's quite well known in my city and performs in all the local events. I dream of learning to play the violin and the piano someday. I practice with a hip-hop group, but don't perform and I dance around in my room. A lot. Other hobbies include writing (duh³), cooking, playing DS, rp-ing and drawing.

3. I. loathe. feet. If I didn't need my own I'd cut them off. Seriously. I enjoy walking barefooted, though.

4. My mind is quite peculiar. If you give me the name of a character or even several plus a random word it'll instantly start writing fic. And I tend to imagine most of the things people tell me, as in, actually watch it happening in my head. It's quite distressing sometimes.

5. I get attached to people very easily. I'm quite irritable, though. But it takes a lot to actually make me dislike someone. I like to listen to others, try to help and advise. Choosing to go into Psychology might have been a good choice.

6. People often stare straight at my face when I'm walking around. It makes me feel weird, as if there's something wrong with me. My friends say it happens because I have an exotic face. I don't think so. At all.

7. I love hanging out with my friends, IRL or online. I'd much rather stay at home watching a movie together/rp-ing all night than go to a crowded party. Which is why you will most likely find me online all day =P

Meh, don't wanna tag anyone : > Feel free to do it if you want~!
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2010-01-25 01:15 am

Happy B-day Burnbook31! + sketches

Haaaaappeh Birthday, [ profile] burnbook31 ~! Hope your day goes wonderfully! =) As I promised, there's a silly sketch for you under the cut.

Also, since I stayed quite some time in the hospital without much to do, I doodled quite a bit. A few OCs, YYH, Bleach and DGM.

Sooooo, click for sketchies~ )
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2010-01-24 10:40 am
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Mommy is okay..! ;A;

Pff, a century without posting... But it's kinda early right now and I don't want to wake up anyone in a sunday morning to cry and squee.

My mom went to the hospital on thursday to undergo a serious surgery on her back. Her lumbar vertebrae had close to no cartilage between them, for months she had been walking around in pain from having friction between her bones.
The surgery was supposed to have lasted 2 hours, instead, it lasted 4 and a half. I was only able to see her that night, when the nurse was giving her the pain medicine and pushed them way too fast, only to hear me bitching about for several minutes before my mom's pressure dropped low and she began sweating cold and lost all color to her face. Needless to say that I made a ruckus. I know I have a limited knowledge on such things, but you can't push intravenous medication THAT fast, you just can't. Not on MY mother you can't. And on anyone else's for that matter...
Knowing that she'd be getting the same medication only at the times I wouldn't be around her, I couldn't get myself to sleep through the nights and spent these last couple of days bouncing between home and the hospital.

But a few minutes ago, someone was frantically ringing the doorbell. I ran to see who it was and saw her there, standing and walking on her own.
I feel like crying (which I can't because I hate crying and she'd just make fun of me xD saying she's okay). I feel like pouncing her to the ground and hugging her (which I also can't, for obvious reasons). So I'll just settle on smiling as she fake dictates us on how to correctly arrange the flowers she got on her table...

So yeah... Mama is fine and I'm happy. : D

Kay, shutting up now. xD
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2009-10-05 11:36 pm

Fanfic: From Aria to Cadenza [ByaRen]

Title: From Aria to Cadenza
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji, Kuchiki Rukia
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Soul Society Arc
Disclaimer: Bleach and its original setting belong to Kubo Tite
Word Count: 1.470
Summary: Byakuya lived his life as if music was playing in the background. And, somehow, Renji wanted to listen to it, too.
Note: Written for [ profile] senkaimon but I also dedicate this to [ profile] fernandassk because she loves ByaRen and I owe her a KenBya so this is kinda like a peace offering xD

Watching him write his reports, one could almost hear the sounds of the orchestra following each unfaltering stroke of his brush. )
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2009-07-24 12:35 pm
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Original Story: Fallen

Title: Fallen
Author: [profile] satsu_basu 
Genre: Supernatural
Rating: PG for sexual hints ;D
Disclaimer: Satou Yuuichi and initial plot belongs to [profile] margerydaw_s2  . Shinomori Sakiko and writing belongs to [profile] satsu_basu  .
Word Count: 7.448

So, it started as an rp idea that [profile] margerydaw_s2  had. We played for a while and I was suddenly inspired xD So much that I stayed up all night writing the first 10 pages 8D.
Because I had so much fun writing it and thought it turned out quite nice, I decided to share =) I know it's long and with characters you're not familiar with, but if you have the time to read it, I'd really like to know your thoughts on something original for a change xD
Sakiko and Yuuichi are characters created for the Bleach universe, actually (so does the original rpg idea xD), but I love them to pieces~ <3 and decided to make it all about them.

Is there something as Love that wasn't supposed to happen?  )
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2009-06-14 06:38 pm
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[Fandom Stuff]

I was cleaning my figurines the other day, so I thought I'd snap a few pictures of all my fandom things to keep a certain record. =) Also, I just have to share my love for my newest aquisition. *w*

Stuff )Stuff )
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2009-05-28 08:11 pm
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[small life rant + art dump]

Insomnia. is. a bitch.

It's been five days... Five friggin' days since I last slept through the night. In 120 hours I slept for 14 hours at most. Not to mention that I was wide awake throughout the first 48. So you can probably guess how I'm feeling... Like crap =D wheeee~
My whole body is sore, I'm tired as hell, any and everything has the potential to piss me off and yet I still lie awake at nights, rolling from one side to the other.
I'm seriously considering asking my father for one of his sleeping pills.
I tried doing something with that time, but I can't seem to write anything while in this sleep deprived state, so I doodled my way out of the boredom.

doodles )
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2009-05-20 12:34 pm

Fanfic: First Midnight [ShunUki]

First of all, my friends page is not showing a bunch of entries D: that's why I haven't been commenting on everyone's journal lately, sorryyyy i.i
I think it's fixed now.
Anyways, this is Rae-chan's request from the writing meme. Hope you're feeling better, darling! <3

06. - for [personal profile] ravens_rising

Title: First Midnight
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Kyouraku Shunsui, Ukitake Jyuushirou
Genre: AU
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Bleach and its original setting belong to Kubo Tite
Word Count: 1608
Summary: The very first of many late nights Shunsui and Jyuushirou would be spending together.
Note: AU with the prompt word 'first'.

Despite the blurriness of his vision, Jyuushirou noticed something different about his smile, but everything lost importance when the collar of his shirt was pulled aside and a hot breath hit his neck. )

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2009-05-18 02:44 pm
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A boring morning in my life. [with pictures :D]

Yah... So I was bored out of my mind at friggin' 5 AM, staring at the ceiling. I remained there up until 6 when my mom's alarm went off. She walked by my room at some point and saw the state I was and kindly told me to get off my lazy ass if I was awake and go do something productive out of my life find something to do.
I asked her "Liek whut?"
Her, being the creative person she is, told me to go take some pictures and show it to her later on (She's also a photographer).
It was a good idea, actually (I had already taken some of the sky in pretty pastel colors <3), so I packed a few things, called a friend and we went walking around randomly and taking pictures =)

Oh, the things boredom makes me do... )
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2009-05-16 08:13 am

Double Fic Post - Gin Fever

Yah... I've got the hots for Gin now. XD BADLY. It's just so fun to write about him!
Oh, and I FAIL at drabbles. *sulks* I just can't write something under 300 words D: So, here are the first two drabbles fics of the Writing Meme. \o/

.01 - for [profile] margerydaw_s2

Title: Shinigami Specimen n. 4746
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Ichimaru Gin
Rating: G
Spoilers: Post End of Hypnosis
Disclaimer: Sadly, Bleach is not mine. *worships Kubo*
Word Count: 721
Summary: A traitor caught by a mad scientist.

Mayuri found himself amused by this sudden encounter with a certain traitor and he almost – almost thought of it as fortunate. )


.05 - for [ profile] enai

Title: Blinding Obsession
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Aizen Sousuke, Ichimaru Gin
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post End of Hypnosis, Mentions Turn Back the Pendulum
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Kubo friggin' Tite
Word Count: 1245
Summary: In a relation between two puppeteers, who pulls the strings?

Much to his delight, Gin was much more interested in the depths of his darkness than in the boring morality offered by Soul Society. )

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2009-05-14 12:33 pm
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[Writing Meme]

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

1. [profile] margerydaw_s2  - Mayuri/Gin [fic]  ( Done. )

2. [personal profile] ravens_rising  - Shinji/Kisuke [fic] (just putting it up here as a reminder, hun :3)

3. [profile] margerydaw_s2  - Jyuu/Nanao [fanart]

4. [profile] lady_hiwatari  - Kaito/AgiAkito [fic]

5. [profile] enai - Aizen/Gin [fic] ( Done. )

6. [personal profile] ravens_rising  - Jyuu/Shun [fic] Done. )


Taken from my love, [profile] margerydaw_s2 . Fandoms include Bleach, Naruto, D.Gray-man, Prince of Tennis, Air Gear or any other fandom you might know I know xD
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2009-05-12 03:15 am

Fanfic: Inability [GinRan]

Title: Inability
Author: [profile] satsu_basu 
Characters: Matsumoto Rangiku, Ichimaru Gin
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Spoilers: Chapter 179 onward.
Disclaimer: All belong to Kubo-sensei.
Word Count: 975
Summary: The growth of Rangiku and Gin's relation.
Note: Gift for my love, [profile] margerydaw_s2 ! Happy B-day, dear!! It'sa mighty sad gift, but it's GinRan, after all XD and GinRan = tragic.
Also, I was listening to Damien Rice's 9 Crimes while writing. I think it sets the perfect mood.

He was a master at the ability to grin, but not smile truthfully. Somehow, she felt like he couldn't feel emotions like others, like he didn't know happiness at all. )
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2009-05-11 01:49 pm

Fanfic: Working Late Hours [Nanao, Rangiku, Shunsui]

Title: Working Late Hours
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Ise Nanao, Matsumoto Rangiku, Kyouraku Shunsui
Rating: PG
Genre: RangikuNanao friendship with some pretty obvious ShunNanao hints XD
Spoilers: None =)
Disclaimer: All belong to Kubo-sensei.
Word Count: 1.269
Summary: An invitation for a girl's night out. (I write such exciting summaries...)
Note: Another fic for [personal profile] ravens_rising . =) Prompt word "pages".

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2009-05-07 11:40 pm

Fanfic/Fanart: Two Sides of a Warrior [Shunsui, Juushirou]

Two Sides of a Warrior
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Ukitake Juushirou, Kyouraku Shunsui
Rating: G
Genre: Kinda fluffy, I guess XD
Spoilers: None =)
Disclaimer: All belong to Kubo-sensei.
Word Count: 1.272
Summary: A sparring session between Juushirou and Shunsui.
Note: Small gift for fellow Jyuu-squeer [personal profile] ravens_rising Prompt word: "Warrior". Hopefully, she and everyone who reads it will enjoy it as much as I did writing it. =)

Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Ukitake Juushirou
Warning: Fanservice-y shirtlessness..?

It wasn't the sight of their well-built bodies that made the image so appealing - even though it helped quite a bit - but the truthful smiles across their lips. )