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I was scanning my sketchbook today, so I decided to post the ones I liked best here! =)
See tags for the randomness of fandoms. VERY image-heavy.


First up! Some Tenipuri Sketches!

Atobe-buchou! This was more of a crosshatching practice. I really wish I could do those awesome shadings with various crosshatchings, but I can't orz long way to go. But I like the way it turned out! : )

Ichinen!Atobe. Quick sketch after watching the OAV. Such a cute little king~

Tezuka-buchou! <3 Initially a blue sketch and a pencil lineart on top. I always have a hard time drawing glasses .__.

First attempt at drawing Piyo. Not very happy about it... I don't know, I wanted the eyes to come out fiercer! and the hair...

I read it in PairPuri that Kirihara is a nice football player too so I took a crack at it xD On the original, he has his foot atop a ball, but since I fail at full body perspective, I cropped it 8B

This is Noah of Pleasure!sexybeast!Yuushi from [ profile] fleuraelis' AMAZING crossover between Tenipuri and D.Gray-man.

Millenium Earl!Atobe~ He didn't even appear, but I HAD TO ;A; srsly.

Noah of Dreams!Gakuto~ and Lero!Taki. the hair... dear God, the pumpkin's hair xD someone shoot me

The little girl who handed Eiji a fern and did...

THIS to Oishi... and I never knew exactly how much I disliked his hair until I tried drawing it. UGH.

Oh, Taka-san...

And Bookman!Fuji losing his marbles.

I tried drawing Eiji, but it turns out I can't. Oishi dying? No prob! Eiji mourning? no... ;___;
Aaaaand, I owe the lovely [ profile] valy some Kansai-ben-trio~ Most of my sketches of them are in my notebook and are reeeeeeally sketchy, orz. But I will draw them for you~ <33

Epitome of elegance, Kuchiki-taichou~ Started when he showed up and couldn't be bothered to finish, orz. I still have to learn how to draw Kenpachi!

Lancer from Fate/Zero. Just because of the pretty, I haven't watched it yet.

Original Greed! I already loved him before he took over Ling!

But I can't say the pretty didn't help, lol.

Chibiterasu~ <3 I loooove Okami

Prinny! Dood~!

N from Pokemon Black/White. Made directly with colored pencils. I totally fell for him during the game... OTL comeback,youbastard!;A;

And my first attempt at one of the yummiest game characters ever, Sol Badguy! And all the Queen/Freddie Mercury references only add to his hotness~

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