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Haaaaappeh Birthday, [ profile] burnbook31 ~! Hope your day goes wonderfully! =) As I promised, there's a silly sketch for you under the cut.

Also, since I stayed quite some time in the hospital without much to do, I doodled quite a bit. A few OCs, YYH, Bleach and DGM.


First, the b-day gift~!

My attempt at semi-realism xD It's the same pose as the reference you gave me because I found it uber cute :3 Hope you like it.
Ahem... And explaining my strange sense of style, it's as if a certain someone is giving you a picture of him at your request. *winkwink*

young!seeing!Yomi and old!blind!Yomi for [ profile] legomyelfboy  xD Geez, Yomi... There IS something as too much headgear. u__u After all, I chose this angle because then I wouldn't have to draw the other horn at the back of his head. =__=

The one on the upper left is my vision of Juriko, [ profile] legomyelfboy  's OC. I forgot to ask about her clothing orz and I didn't want to leave her naked, soo... xD 
And the other one is my yet-to-be-named OC. She's a water demon. Any ideas for her name?

Floating bleach heads for my love, [ profile] margerydaw_s2  ~!
The one on top is Gin because I said so. ù__ú  Wryyyyyy can't I draw you right you sexy noodle-man? OTL *cries* I might have a thing for attempting to draw him with one eye open o__< Donnow why, tho...
And srs-fais'd!Jyuu is srs. And pretty hair is flowy~!

And I found this Kanda-chan in my folder xD So I thought I'd put him up here, too. :3 Kanda-chaaaan~! <3

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