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Pff, a century without posting... But it's kinda early right now and I don't want to wake up anyone in a sunday morning to cry and squee.

My mom went to the hospital on thursday to undergo a serious surgery on her back. Her lumbar vertebrae had close to no cartilage between them, for months she had been walking around in pain from having friction between her bones.
The surgery was supposed to have lasted 2 hours, instead, it lasted 4 and a half. I was only able to see her that night, when the nurse was giving her the pain medicine and pushed them way too fast, only to hear me bitching about for several minutes before my mom's pressure dropped low and she began sweating cold and lost all color to her face. Needless to say that I made a ruckus. I know I have a limited knowledge on such things, but you can't push intravenous medication THAT fast, you just can't. Not on MY mother you can't. And on anyone else's for that matter...
Knowing that she'd be getting the same medication only at the times I wouldn't be around her, I couldn't get myself to sleep through the nights and spent these last couple of days bouncing between home and the hospital.

But a few minutes ago, someone was frantically ringing the doorbell. I ran to see who it was and saw her there, standing and walking on her own.
I feel like crying (which I can't because I hate crying and she'd just make fun of me xD saying she's okay). I feel like pouncing her to the ground and hugging her (which I also can't, for obvious reasons). So I'll just settle on smiling as she fake dictates us on how to correctly arrange the flowers she got on her table...

So yeah... Mama is fine and I'm happy. : D

Kay, shutting up now. xD
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