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Insomnia. is. a bitch.

It's been five days... Five friggin' days since I last slept through the night. In 120 hours I slept for 14 hours at most. Not to mention that I was wide awake throughout the first 48. So you can probably guess how I'm feeling... Like crap =D wheeee~
My whole body is sore, I'm tired as hell, any and everything has the potential to piss me off and yet I still lie awake at nights, rolling from one side to the other.
I'm seriously considering asking my father for one of his sleeping pills.
I tried doing something with that time, but I can't seem to write anything while in this sleep deprived state, so I doodled my way out of the boredom.

This is how my desk usually looks while I'm drawing.

sketch, pencil, eraser, colored pencils, inking pens, previous drawings for reference and music. neeeeeever forget music.

close up of the drawing and the reason why I don't usually color my drawings traditionally.

Color testing. I'm very afraid to mess up the drawing so I spend waaaay too much time testing, blending and messing around with the colors. Too much work. The picture is awful, btw xD not showing the colors as they are.

And this is Puyo~. He stares cutefully at me while I'm drawing. And yes, I like tic-tacs =)

This is the drawing. Can you tell how much I actually hate coloring with pencils? Not going to finish that anytime soon... I liked the hand, though.

Yey~ for genderbender. My character Shinomori Sakiko/Sakio and Satou Yuuichi/Yuuhi, copyrighted to [profile] margerydaw_s2

PFF. This is for [personal profile] ravens_rising , inspired by 'First Midnight' xD. My first real attempt at drawing Shun. Gawd, your curls of awesome are so mean D: And Uki is Uke. lol. The poor thing. *pats*
Sorry for the sketchiness of the middle picture, Rae-chan xD I'll make a decent one for you later.

And this was actually my favorite one. My OC Sakiko-chan. I had this in my mind ever since I watched AI's season finale... David Cook's presentation was simply beautiful and I instantly fell in love with the song. Made this while listening to Permanent and Adam's version of Track of my Tears.

I'm soooooooooooorry [profile] margerydaw_s2 ! I really tried drawing your JyuuNanao, but apparently, I can't function for requests right now... i.i I was going to try to draw some AiGin for [ profile] enai -chan, too. But if I can't draw JyuuNanao, how the hell am I going to make justice to those two sex gods? DX But I will learn to draw Gin u.u That's a promise

p.s.: I posted, deleted and reposted this about a hundred times... ¬¬ annoying cut... Not really the best day for you to be failing me. *stabs*

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