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First of all, my friends page is not showing a bunch of entries D: that's why I haven't been commenting on everyone's journal lately, sorryyyy i.i
I think it's fixed now.
Anyways, this is Rae-chan's request from the writing meme. Hope you're feeling better, darling! <3

06. - for [personal profile] ravens_rising

Title: First Midnight
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Kyouraku Shunsui, Ukitake Jyuushirou
Genre: AU
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Bleach and its original setting belong to Kubo Tite
Word Count: 1608
Summary: The very first of many late nights Shunsui and Jyuushirou would be spending together.
Note: AU with the prompt word 'first'.


Placing a hand over his chest, Kyouraku Shunsui bowed in a gentlemen-like manner at the three young ladies who, much like every other female there, were watching him with discretion.

He stood upright and flashed a charming smile, making them hide their blush behind their feathered fans and turn around. His smile faded the slightest bit and he took a glass of red wine, sipping on the liquid before walking towards the large balcony of the castle.

Shunsui looked up at the beautiful full moon and swirled the scarlet liquid in the glass absent mindedly, feeling the cold breeze caressing his skin and making his wavy hair flow around him.

It was getting easy...

All he had to do was look at them. There was no excitement, no fun in chasing someone that was already willing to give herself to you at the first glance.

And because it was so effortless it almost made him lose interest in actually taking them to bed. Almost...

With a sigh, he finished his drink and turned to go and choose his partner for the night, but his eyes picked up someone he had never seen before.

Long, white tresses shining silver under the moonlight. And an incredibly fragile beauty to his handsome face.

He had never been one to care about gender and even if it seemed so, he wasn't shallow enough to pursue someone based solemnly on their looks.

But that particular man...

His beauty alone had enticed Shunsui entirely.

And he wanted him.

"Good evening." He said with a smile. "I don't think I've ever seen you before."

The other man turned around and returned the smile. "I don't come very often." His brown eyes had such kindness to them.

"Kyouraku Shunsui." An acknowledging bow.

"Ukitake Jyuushirou." A similar response.

How amusing, to be standing before the very Prince. His stunning beauty - a gift from the heavens to the royal family - it would have made sense, had he believed in God.

At first, Shunsui had a hard time covering up the shine of lust across his dark eyes, but soon enough, he was filled with genuine interest, to the point of him not wanting to merely have sex with him.

With a small smile, he took another sip of wine, somewhat troubled by this strange feeling. He had never allowed himself to see someone in that particular way, let alone someone so different.

By listening to their endless conversation, one would think they'd be nothing but similar. But no one there new the true Kyouraku Shunsui, no one knew what was hidden behind his nobility.

And he was suddenly so tempted to show everything to Jyuushirou...

It was like they had known each other for centuries, maybe they had already met in a previous life. But Shunsui had been like that for as long as he could remember and had never found anyone remotely like Jyuushirou.

That only made him want the white-haired man even more, actually.

But his inner worry suddenly subdued to a much bigger one as he saw his recently found object of desire falling into a coughing fit.

"Are you okay, Jyuu?" He was already intimate enough.

And when the other lifted his head, pulling the handkerchief away, Kyouraku couldn't help but feel torn.

"No one has ever given me a nickname before. Can I call you Shun?"

The sight of his smile made Shunsui's heart beat tighter in something that he'd categorize as affection, had he ever felt it before, but the blood that trickled down his chin and stained the purely white handkerchief triggered a burning concern that was actually painful to hold back.

 "Of course you can." He forced a small smile, placing a hand over his shoulder and repeating the question. "But, are you okay?"

Jyuushirou nodded, wiping his chin clean. "I've been sick for as long as I can remember." The beautiful man said with a hint of sadness to his gentle voice. "I'm used to it."

The other noble gently squeezed his shoulder in a reassuring way. He had recognized the disease immediately and was aware of how painful his life must have been.

"But I had a lot of fun tonight. I don't think I've ever stayed out this late."

Shunsui glanced at his pocket watch, it was barely eleven o'clock. And Jyuushirou being the heir of the family meant that his whole life must have been incredibly sheltered, so much that he wondered if the white-haired man even knew what happened beyond the gates of his own castle.

A sudden desire sparked inside his heart. He wanted to show it to him, what freedom felt like.

"...Do you feel trapped, my friend..?" He couldn't help but ask.

The Prince sighed deeply, looking up at the moon with a sad smile across his lips. "All the time..."

Shunsui stepped closer, so much that he could feel the warmth from his sickly body embracing his cold one.

"By my duties, by my parents, by my own body..." His head fell forward, white tresses hiding teary eyes as he clutched his own heart. "I... want to live."

His voice was a dying whisper. All the politeness and gentleness from before had faded into a painful confession.

"I want to be free."

That was all Shunsui needed to hear.

He pulled the young Prince into an embrace, smiling when he felt him return the gesture and let his head rest on his shoulder.

"Would you let me show it to you..?" His voice was charming, alluring even.

Jyuushirou glanced up at him. "What..?"

"Freedom." He smiled at the slightly shorter man that seemingly fit so perfectly between his arms.

The Prince looked over him for a few moments. Inside him, he knew that the other was just trying to make him feel better. And it did, it really did.

That's why he smiled truthfully in response. "Of course." How much he wished that his words had been truthful as well.

Little did he know that Shunsui's offer was as honest as his power to fulfill it.

And Jyuushirou found himself unable to resist when a gloved hand cupped his chin and Shunsui's handsome face came closer and closer until they met in a kiss.

Brown eyes widened in surprise at first, but the taste of his lips and the touch of his hand were so addictive that the world around them began to fade, leaving only the thrilling sensation inside his heart.

Shunsui slowly pulled away, noticing the other's state of light headedness and not managing to hide a wide smirk.

Despite the blurriness of his vision, Jyuushirou noticed something different about his smile, but everything lost importance when the collar of his shirt was pulled aside and a hot breath hit his neck.

His cheeks burned bright red as he felt Kyouraku's soft lips, teeth grazing over his sensitive skin and making shivers run up and down his spine. Then a sharp pain and everything went black.


Jyuushirou was unsure of how much time had passed when he regained his consciousness. Raising a hand to touch his throbbing neck, the Prince sat up and looked around, finding himself in a beautiful room he didn't recognize.

He couldn't very much take in the details because the only light was from the shine of the moon. The Prince moved to the end of the bed, standing up slowly and only then noticing another presence.

Shunsui stood beside the balcony doors, the dark curtains fluttering with the wind much like his opened shirt, exposing a muscular torso. His wavy hair was down, flowing around his well-built figure and giving him an eerie atmosphere.

The man smiled at the sight of him awake and stepped away from the wall, extending his hand to the Prince.

"How are you feeling..?" His voice was soft and his smile widened when Jyuushirou approached and placed his hand over his.

"Strangely... I feel great."

"That's good to hear." Shunsui pulled him closer, wrapping his arms around the Prince's frailer figure.

Jyuushirou didn't pull away. He didn't want to. Instead, he asked. "What did you do to me, Shun..?"

"...I gave you freedom, Jyuu." He whispered, gently running his fingers through the white tresses. "You're no longer bound to your duties and your body no longer fails you."

Something strange was happening inside him. Even though he couldn't quite see the other man's handsome features, he somehow felt them so clearly. He could hear Shunsui's faint heartbeat in his ears, he could smell the blood running through his veins.

"Are you ready to see it..?" Kyouraku asked, taking his hand again.

The former Prince was slightly scared with himself, he couldn't very much understand what was happening, but the long fingers closed around his gave him an odd sort of reassurance and he nodded.

Shunsui smiled and covered Jyuushirou's eyes with his free hand, guiding him carefully to the large balcony.

"Just a couple of seconds now..."

Then, the distant sounds of the large clock of the church's tower striking twelve.

"Open your eyes."

Jyuushirou did as he was told so and was surprised by the sight of a world he had never seen before.

With all of his senses heightened to such degree, he could feel the life of Earth itself, how he was a part of it and how it was a part of him.

He then glanced at Shunsui and noticed the man's eyes shining gold, and that simple vision would have inveigled him.

But it didn't, because his beautiful eyes were completely outshined by his smile.

"Welcome to your first midnight, Jyuu."


A/N: Yah... I know xD wtf? vampire!Shun? But I did tell you that I was struck by the 'total' in your 'Shun and Jyuu in a total AU' request. Despite it being completely cracky, I hope you like it, darling! <33

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