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Yah... I've got the hots for Gin now. XD BADLY. It's just so fun to write about him!
Oh, and I FAIL at drabbles. *sulks* I just can't write something under 300 words D: So, here are the first two drabbles fics of the Writing Meme. \o/

.01 - for [profile] margerydaw_s2

Title: Shinigami Specimen n. 4746
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Ichimaru Gin
Rating: G
Spoilers: Post End of Hypnosis
Disclaimer: Sadly, Bleach is not mine. *worships Kubo*
Word Count: 721
Summary: A traitor caught by a mad scientist.


Kurotsuchi Mayuri was and would always be a renowned, dedicated man of science. Therefore, he did not believe in such inconsequential concepts such as 'coincidences' or 'luck'.

The Universe worked in mysterious, but precise laws that could and would be unveiled and meticulously calculated by him.

However, Mayuri found himself amused by this sudden encounter with a certain traitor and he almost – almost thought of it as 'fortunate' that one Ichimaru Gin had slipped into Seireitei and crossed his path.

He watched in delight as the unique poison from his zanpaku-to invaded Gin's body, rendering it motionless, except for the expected jolt of his torso to expel the excessive hemorrhaging

While pondering what kind of experiments he'd conduct first, Mayuri stepped closer to his newly acquired specimen – and what a nice one it was.

A chance to work on a Captain... The thought of his genius intellect and his great endurance being under his scope actually gave the Scientist pleasant chills with the rush of ideas in his unscrupulous mind.

"Hn." He scoffed at the slender man lying on the ground. "Even after getting caught you still have that annoying grin across your face, Ichimaru. Or perhaps you do not realize what destiny awaits you..?"

"Hiyaaa... Since it is Kurotsuchi-taichou, I guess I will be the subject to a buncha crazy tests."

"A Genius, indeed." The Scientist mocked, ordering Nemu to pick up the grinning fox with a mere tilt of his head.

"Too bad..." Gin added, the numbness from the poison taking over his body to such a degree that he didn't even feel as the silent fukutaichou pulled him up.

"I guess I won't be awake ta see it all happenin'." His own voice was failing him and he lost consciousness a couple of seconds after.

That's why he was unable to see the wide smirk spreading across Mayuri's lips.


A small pressure applied to the back of his left elbow made Gin rouse from his lack of awareness.

Red eyes opened for a split second, scanning his surroundings only to find himself tightly bound to a table, several drills, scalpels and syringes pointed at him from above.

"Ah, you've finally woken up." Mayuri's voice attracted Gin's attention to his right side. "Took you long enough, I had to use two dosages of the antidote. Do not disappoint me so soon, Ichimaru."

"Gomen ne, Kurotsuchi-taichou." The silver-haired man chirped, his grin slightly smaller than the usual one.

But even the tiniest detail wouldn't go by unnoticed before such analytical eyes. "Oh..?" The scientist approached. "What's wrong, Ichimaru? You really didn't think I would let you sleep during the tests, did you?"

Although his grin remained there to cover up his slight despair, he failed to find a proper comeback, instead, he appealed to something that would, most likely, have no effect over the lunatic Captain. "Shouldn't ya hand me over ta the authorities, Kurotsuchi-taichou? It's a bad thing ta keep juicy secrets fer yerself."

Mayuri laughed. Just once. "Seems like you're not that much of a genius if that's the best you can come up with." He put on his gloves, bringing the lights closer to his specimen and taking one of the scalpels.

"Working for the benefit of Soul Society is nothing but a convenient excuse to cover up for my thirst of knowledge. If they knew about even a tenth of what I study, I'd be sentenced to death." The Twelfth Division Captain said with a never ending calm and methodical sound to his voice.

Gin was looking at him curiously. "Ya sure that's sumthin ya could be blabberin' ta sumeone yer about ta torture?" His grin widened slightly. "I might let sumthin slip when ya hand me ta them."

The scientist simply smirked. "I'm not going to torture you, silly creature, this is science. But you won't really remember any of this, Ichimaru, except for the excruciating pain. And even if you did, you wouldn't be able to talk anyways."

"Oooh~. How scary." He mocked, even though he had to admit that the situation couldn't be worse.

"This is actually quite exhilarating." Mayuri put on his mask and placed the sharp instrument on the small space between his collar bones, glancing up at the traitor.

"I'm curious to see exactly when you'll finally stop grinning."


A/N: Gin's speech is most amusing to write, but at the same time it gives me such a hard time XD And cookies for those who get the reason for the stupid title.



.05 - for [ profile] enai

Title: Blinding Obsession
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Aizen Sousuke, Ichimaru Gin
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post End of Hypnosis, Mentions Turn Back the Pendulum
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Kubo friggin' Tite
Word Count: 1245
Summary: In a relation between two puppeteers, who pulls the strings?


Aizen sighed softly in contentment as the warm liquid rushed down his throat, velvety lips losing the cool contact with the porcelain.

He placed the cup down on the table without letting go of it, fingertips interlaced as his thumbs ran over the beautifully hand-painted cherry blossoms. His favorite tea set was one of the few items he had ordered his minions to get back from Seireitei.

Brown eyes looked outside the window beside him, taking in the plain, yet beautiful sight that was the emptiness of his world.

A world to which dignity and scruples had no place, different from Soul Society and their so called "gods" of death, there was no hypocrisy in Hueco Mundo, there was survival and strength.

It was mighty amusing, that his kingdom was so reckless while he was the very vision of aristocracy.

He smiled lightly as he sipped on his warm tea again.

"Aizen-san~." A cordial voice sounded from behind him.

He turned his head slightly to follow the slender man's movements until he sat right across from him, grinning widely, as usual.

"Good morning, Gin." He greeted politely.

"Gud mornin'." The other answered with that distinctive accent that made his speech so much more endearing.

"Would you like some tea?" Sousuke offered, indicating the single cup beside the teapot.

"Nah, thanks."

"What brings you here this early?"

Gin turned to face the window, placing his elbow on the table and letting his chin rest atop his hand. "Nuthin' much."

Aizen nodded in response, copper eyes watching him with undivided attention.

Ichimaru Gin was without any doubt his most prized possession.

Yes, possession. That pale, slender, grinning silver-haired man was his and only his.

Ever since their first encounter Sousuke had been completely ensnared by the eerie beauty that surrounded him.

The sight of his scarlet red eyes, so befitting of him, much like the blood of the former third-seated officer dripping from his figure, only to make his skin even paler and his hair ever shinier under the moonlight.

The sheer cruelty and delightfulness depicted in his face, the tainted innocence that was never there to begin with and the paradoxical image of fragility of his overwhelming strength.

That event would be forever burned into Aizen's brain. And the mere thought of it, together with the sweet sound of his yet childish voice - "Gin. Ichimaru Gin." - would make him desire such an enthralling and mysterious person to the degree of an obsession.

The grinning child never failed to arouse his interest, after all, Gin was a genius, much like himself, and his vision of the world was as unique as his power.

Everything about him fascinated Aizen. And he was most pleased when he saw the devious grin widening at his proposal.

Much to his delight, Gin was much more interested in the depths of his darkness than in the boring morality offered by Soul Society.

It still made him wonder, the fact that such a person would be so easily accepted into the Fifth division. Not only his power, but his personality, even, would make him better fit for other Divisions.

Perhaps it was fate that had brought such unique beings together in that dull place.

A small smile graced Sousuke's already charming features.

These types of thoughts amused him to the point of him almost chuckling to himself. The very definition of the word 'fate' implied the unchanging will of an ultimate force.

And yet there was no one sitting on his throne when he met Gin.

But as the time passed by and the dark ties that bound them together grew, Aizen was the one to draw the lines of their destinies.

And Gin was the most beautiful of his puppets.

Aizen would never grow tired of admiring him, slowly disposing of his clothes, touching his pale skin. Even now, as the man simply stood still in front of him, the thought of shredding the clothes he had designed specifically to him crossed his mind several times.

White was much more fitting of the silver-haired man.

Maybe that was the only reason why Aizen had accepted his Fukutaichou rising to a position equal to his.

Actually, it started as a small prank. Sousuke had been looking for his haori in the morning only to find it draped over the nude, slender body of his vice-captain.

He was grinning teasingly, the sleeves completely covering his svelte fingers as he let his hands hanging from his thin wrists, much like a white fox standing on two legs.

It was then that he noticed exactly how fair Gin's complexion was. And from that day onwards, Aizen found himself amused by the thought of how easily he could bruise it and often left love marks where no one but him could admire.

A gentle breeze came from the opened window, making the silver threads flow around the grinning man.

Sousuke pushed a few of his brown tresses back into place, except for that one lock.

That hairstyle, it also had to do with Gin.

He was the one person Aizen had ever allowed to touch his hair.

It was in one of their nights together. They ran into the barracks after staying out late training, chased away by the pouring rain.

But even with the cold water drenching their shihakushou, the heat between them did not faze away in the least. In fact, it only burned stronger.

Gin had barely slid the door closed when Aizen pushed him against the wall, untying the white sash.

The silver-haired man glanced at his lover's handsome face and took off his glasses, sifting long fingers through his wet hair and brushing them back, one single lock sliding back to rest between his eyes.

He stopped for a moment, opening scarlet eyes to stare at him before hungrily kissing his lips.

Aizen would never forget the lust inside those rarely seen orbs, which is the main reason why he chose to keep his hair like that.

And it suddenly dawned on him...

Most of his important decisions had been made after spending a night with Gin.

Allowing him to become a Captain, unleashing his experiments inside Seireitei, forging his own death...

But a gentle poke to the tip of his nose brought him out of his thoughts.

"Yer suddenly looking surprised, Aizen-san." Gin said, pulling his hand back. "Ya realized sumthin'..?"

He blinked a few times, looking at the shrewd man in front him in silence for a couple of seconds.

And a grin opened up in Aizen's lips.

Was he really a puppet?

Perhaps he was.

But one whose strings were loose enough for it not to be controlled, but to gently guide the hand that held it.

"Aizen-san~." He called.


"...I'm bored."

Sousuke smiled and stood up indicating the way back to the rooms with his hand. "Allow me to keep you entertained, then."

Gin pushed himself up as well. "Domo, Aizen-san~!"

The silver fox walked past him, looking back a little and slowing down his tempo as to walk right beside Aizen.

His grin widened at the feel of a hand cradling the small of his back, gently leading him to the other's room.

Aizen himself couldn't be smiling more.

The sudden realization of his puppet's astounding manipulating skills made him sure that he was actually right in his choices.

With Gin beside him, there would never be a dull moment in his life.


A/N: See what I mean when I say I can't write drabbles? xD If I get inspired, the words just keep flowing i3i
And damn you, enai-chaaan!! xD 
I used to love their relation before, but now that I wrote about them I ship it like WHOA and it's all your fault!
I really took the "Aizen must be effin in love with Gin" serious xD a bit too serious, maybe. *laughs*
Hope you liked it! <33

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