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Title: Working Late Hours
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Ise Nanao, Matsumoto Rangiku, Kyouraku Shunsui
Rating: PG
Genre: RangikuNanao friendship with some pretty obvious ShunNanao hints XD
Spoilers: None =)
Disclaimer: All belong to Kubo-sensei.
Word Count: 1.269
Summary: An invitation for a girl's night out. (I write such exciting summaries...)
Note: Another fic for [personal profile] ravens_rising . =) Prompt word "pages".


With patience and wariness, Nanao reread the report she had just written for the second time. There were no incoherencies on the information, so this time, she scanned for any grammatical errors or misshaped kanji.

Upon finishing, she placed it on the first of the three boxes in her desk, which held completed reports, reports that needed revision and blank reports, respectively.

She cleaned her hands with a tissue, removing any remains of ink before taking the first sheet from the middle box and reading through it again.

But soon after, her concentration was thrown off by the sudden sound of the door being forcefully slid open.

Nanao looked up, unpleased with the interruption, but her expression soon softened at the sight of her friend.

"Nanao~! Let's go drinking!" Rangiku casually stepped into the office, smiling.

"Rangiku-san." The stoic woman adjusted her glasses and looked up at the redhead.

"Come on!" She placed her hands on the desk. "We have to get there before the guys are too drunk to pay for us!"

"I haven't finished my work yet and-" But before she could finish her sentence, Shunsui walked in.

"Ara, I thought I'd heard Ran-chan's voice~!" He chirped, moving closer. "Up for a drink tonight?"

Rangiku shook her head no and leaned forward, hugging Nanao. "It's girls' night out, Kyouraku-taichou! No boys allowed!" Except for the poor bastards that would pay the woman's drinks.

Shunsui pouted, sliding his hands into the sleeves of his haori. "Kaaay..." He then looked down at his fukutaichou, currently being smothered by breasts. "Don't stay out too long, Nanao-chan~! You have to get some rest."

The woman pushed her friend's bosom aside and glanced at her Captain, nodding. "Yes, sir."

"You girls have fun~!" He smiled and went back to his office.

The redhead blinked a few times and looked from one to the other. "...'You have to get some rest'..?" She repeated, seemingly pondering over that sentence for a couple of seconds before smirking widely. "Why..? What did you do last night?"

Nanao looked at her, immediately picking up the subtext hidden in the question and composing herself before answering. "I stayed up late working, that's all."

But the look in Rangiku's face showed clearly that she didn't buy her answer. "Yeah, right." She sat by her desk, her voice quite serious. "Tell me something, Nanao."


"How is it..?" Another smirk spread across her lips.

"How is what?" Nanao asked, also serious.

"You knoooow~" Matsumoto approached, looking at both sides before dropping her voice to a lower tone. "His package..!"

"W-What?" She felt her cheeks burning in shame.

The Tenth Vice-captain sighed. "His thing, his unit, his set, his... Endowment." Her smirk widened at the sight of Nanao's blush darkening with each of her synonyms.

"W-Why are you asking me this? H-How am I supposed to know?"

"Awww, come on! Like you two spend late hours in the office filling out reports!" She teased. "Judging from his body size, if his brush is proportional, it must be some mighty paperwork you're doing!"

The stoic woman's hands were shaking so badly that she knocked the ink over the desk, making the other step down from it. "R-Rangiku-san! If you keep interrupting me, I-I'll never finish my work!"

She pouted softly. "...Fine! Let me help you so we can get out of here sooner!"

Nanao cleaned her desk, then her hands and took one of the reports from the middle box, nearly shoving it into the other woman's hand. "Revise this for me, please." She'd do anything if it kept her from staying on that subject.

But before realizing it, she had already let go of the sheet of paper and the redhead held it with a brush in her other hand and a wide smile across her lips.

It was Matsumoto Rangiku, the fukutaichou who wouldn't do her own paperwork, let alone other people's. Not unless she had a very good reason to.

"Rangiku-san, I think I can revise it myself." She tried to get it back, but the other woman had already begun scribbling on top of Nanao's perfect handwriting.

"There ya go!" Matsumoto grinned, handing her friend the paper after a few seconds.

She took it back, turning the page to see what the woman had written, only to have her face lose all color before burning in a bright shade of red.


Nanao complained in embarrassment, her hands shaking and crumpling the ends of the document which now had a big, phallic figure drawn right in the middle with the words "Like this? ;D" beside it.

And if it wasn't bad enough to have her laughing so hard that her breasts nearly jumped off her shihakushou, the loud laughter also attracted Kyouraku's attention, who approached curiously.

"What's going on here?" He chirped, leaning over his fukutaichou's shoulder to see what she was holding.

"N-Nothing, Sir! Absolutely nothing!" She blurted, immediately crumpling the paper into a ball.

"Mou, Nanao-chan~... Are you keeping secrets from me..?" He pouted.

"O-Of course not, Sir." She tried to regain her composure.

Shunsui smiled and swiftly took the paper from her delicate fingers, opening the wrinkled paper and looking over it. His eyes widened a bit in surprised, but soon narrowed as a cynical smirk spread across his lips.

"Oooooh~. Nanao-chan... So naughty~!"

At that point, Nanao felt all her blood rushing to her face and Rangiku was gasping, unable to breathe from laughing too hard.

"What's this all about?" He asked with a smile, waving the paper in front of the flushed woman, laughing at her failed attempts of trying to get it back.

It took a few moments for the redhead to stop clutching her stomach and take in the much need air to her lungs. She wiped the small tears that had gathered in the corners of her eyes before answering.

"I'm just teasing her." Matsumoto answered.

Nanao sighed inwardly in relief, glad that her friend didn't explain everything to the Eighth Captain, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to look at him again.

Shunsui nodded, putting the paper down on the Vice-captain's desk, laughing when she snagged it away and shred it to tiny little pieces on top of the trash can. "You girls heading out, already?" He glanced at the redhead.

Rangiku lifted the brush with a devious expression across her beautiful face, her free hand reaching out to grab another report, this time, one from the finished pile. "Are we..?"

"Y-Yes!" She answered, standing up with conviction.

"Let's go, then!" The redhead put the things down and took her by the wrist, pulling her towards the door.

"I'll finish everything up tomorrow morning, Sir." Nanao looked back at Shunsui, wondering what he was doing hunched over her desk.

"I trust you, Nanao-chan~" He waved the concern away, telling her it was okay to go.

She nodded. "Have a good evening, Sir."

The two women headed out the office, but just as they had stepped outside the room, Shunsui's voice made them stop.

"Oh, one more thing!"

Nanao turned back to see the smiling man approaching. "Yes?"

"Here~." He handed her a folded paper and walked back to his own office, grinning widely to himself.

The brunette looked over him for a few seconds before unfolding the sheet and nearly choking at the sight of an even bigger and amazingly detailed drawing with the words "More like this 8D" at the top.

Curious with the woman's sudden silence, Rangiku approached and peeked over Nanao's shoulder, getting surprised at first, but then smirking widely and patting her back. "You lucky girl~..."


A/N: Ahhh, Ran-chan is one of my greatest joys. XD So fun to write about her! Your prompts are always perfect, dear! <3 I'm always open for ideas, so if you like my writing style and have a prompt for me, please, let me know! =)

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