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Two Sides of a Warrior
Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Ukitake Juushirou, Kyouraku Shunsui
Rating: G
Genre: Kinda fluffy, I guess XD
Spoilers: None =)
Disclaimer: All belong to Kubo-sensei.
Word Count: 1.272
Summary: A sparring session between Juushirou and Shunsui.
Note: Small gift for fellow Jyuu-squeer [personal profile] ravens_rising Prompt word: "Warrior". Hopefully, she and everyone who reads it will enjoy it as much as I did writing it. =)

Author: [profile] satsu_basu
Characters: Ukitake Juushirou
Warning: Fanservice-y shirtlessness..?


"It's a good thing that Ukitake-taichou is so lively today." Nanao commented, glancing to her right at the cheerful third seated officer.

"Hai!" Kiyone chirped, smiling at the serious woman.

Both were sitting on the wooden porch that encircled the interior garden at the Eighth Division. Atop of their laps, rested both of their Captain's haoris.

Shunsui and Juushirou had been training together for quite some time now, what attracted the attention of practically all the members of both divisions, which now piled themselves at the remaining spaces on the porch, trying to watch, but still maintaining a safe distance.

It was overwhelming, to see them sparring. Even if they were using simple wooden swords instead of their zanpaku-tos, the sheer power that irradiated from both men was impressive.

Because of the strong heat on that beautiful summer day, they had loosened their kimonos and pushed them down.

A thin layer of sweat made their nude torsos glisten under the bright sun, making half of the female shinigami present either pass out or suffer from nasal bleeding, along with approximately one-fourth of the male shinigami.

It wasn't the sight of their well-built bodies that made the image so appealing - even though it helped quite a bit - but the truthful smiles across their lips.

All the members of both divisions knew how much their Captains cherished each other and seeing them like that was most gratifying.

Nanao turned back her attention to them, a light smile gracing her usually stoic features. It had been some time since she had last seen her Taichou so happy.


His voice brought her out of her thoughts. "Yes, Sir?"

"You're not wearing them!" He complained, suddenly moving out of his battle stance to flail his arms around.

The Vice-captain blinked a couple of times before pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. She wouldn't even dignify that with an answer.

"You're supposed to wear theeeem!" Shunsui pouted, pointing the tip of the bokuto at the flourished haori and the straw hat.

The woman sighed and lifted her hand, pointing at something on Kyouraku's left side. The said Captain arched an eyebrow and followed the direction of her finger, gasping and blocking an attack.

"Stop gawking at the pretty girls and pay attention to our fight, my friend." Juushirou grinned, charging again.

"Low blow, Jyuu!" Shunsui pushed him backwards, attacking his sides. "You know I can't resist Nanao-chan!"

The white-haired Captain laughed while blocking. "I guess I'll just have to take advantage of that." He glanced at the brunette. "Would you mind, Ise-chan?"

"Not at all, Sir." The woman put the things aside and stood up, lifting her forearms and closing her hands into fists and with no motivation whatsoever, she shook them from side to side. "Go, go Ukitake-taichou!"

Her voice was still as serious as ever, but it still deeply affected Shunsui, who looked at her with teary eyes. "W-What?!"

Juushirou laughed again and managed to kick his feet from under him, standing victorious as he pointed the wooden sword at his neck. "Your loss, Shun."

But at the moment, he couldn't care less about the fight. "...Nanao-chan never cheered for me... Not even once..!"

"Oh, stop sulking!" He grinned down at his friend, putting the sword away and offering his hand .

Shunsui frowned and rolled over in defeat, making loud, sniffling sounds.

Ukitake shook his head and crouched beside the man, gently patting his head. "There, there. I'm sure Ise-chan likes you a lot more than she likes me."

The Eighth Captain suddenly stood and pushed the other to the ground, pinning him down and grinning cynically. "Damn right she does!"

"You cheater!" He complained, smiling.

"I'm no cheater! I'm just a great tactician." Shunsui's grin widened. "You're too nice, Jyuu. It's easy to predict your actions."

Juushirou's lips contracted in a small pout. "Hn, were you expecting me to do this, then?"

He lifted his legs and kicked Kyouraku over him, making the large man meet the ground with his back.

Both quickly rose to their feet and began going at it again, this time without weapons.

Kiyone smiled at Nanao, who had taken her seat again. Seemingly, the woman liked playing with her Captain as much as he liked playing with her.

The sparring continued for a couple of minutes more, they teased each other and laughed between blows and blocks. Until Juushirou suddenly stepped back, falling into a small coughing fit.

Kyouraku stopped immediately, approaching his friend. A split second later, Kiyone and Nanao were already beside them.

Juushirou took out a small handkerchief from the inside of his kimono and coughed into it, taking deep breaths once the fit had finally ceased.

"Taichou..." His third seated officer called in worry.

"Jyuu." Shunsui placed a hand over his shoulder. "Are you okay?"

The sickly man smiled up at them, showing the handkerchief at the sight of their puzzled expressions. "No blood."

They sighed in relief and Kyouraku ruffled his white hair. "Don't scare us like that."

"Sorry." He bowed his head shortly, still smiling.

"Mah, it's been a good day!" The Eighth Captain stretched his arms above his head, taking a towel Nanao handed to him and wiping the sweat off his body.

"Hasn't it?" Juushirou thanked Kiyone once she handed him one as well.

"We should go drinking as to make it perfect!" He grinned widely.

"You have work to do, Sir." Nanao reminded him in a slightly commanding tone.

"Mou, Nanao-chan~" He pouted. "Don't burst my bubble."

"Can't you let him off the hook at least tonight, Ise-chan?" Ukitake smiled at her.

She adjusted her glasses, looking from one to the other and back again. "I guess..."

"Yey~!" He put his kimono up. "Let's hit the bar!"

"But you'll finish your reports tomorrow morning!"

Shunsui nodded at her, smiling. He'd come up with another excuse when morning came.

Juushirou shook his head, knowing exactly what his friend was thinking.

"Come on, Jyuu~!" He put his arm around his friend's shoulder, leading him to the bar, the two girls following them a few steps behind.

They were both kind and honorable men, not to mention incredibly powerful Captains. Yet, as such, the differences between them were also clear.

One was incredibly committed to his duties, but his own physical condition failed him, while the other was the embodiment of health, but had to be nearly forced into certain obligations.

It had always been like that, ever since they were young.

As Yamamoto So-taichou would say: "Shunsui, who loses control in front of a girl, is better than anyone in seeing the true character of anyone he meets. And Juushirou, who is frail, but very kind and affable, is always at the center of the crowds."

Little did their proud Master know that the first had always tried to look at others with the kind eyes of the latter, and the latter would always glance around the crowds to find the first.

While Juushirou had the soul but not the body, Shunsui had the body and not the soul.

And much like Sougyo no Kotowari and Katen Kyokotsu showed their real strength when paired, their masters completed each other.

Body and Soul.

Two warriors who were actually one.

That's why it was no coincidence that both their zanpaku-tos were so unique yet so similar.

Not mattering what, not mattering who they met along the way, there would always be a small emptiness inside their hearts, reserved for each other.

And their true happiness, like their true power, could only be attained if they were smiling side by side.


Writer's note: Written in one go. Might not be what she was expecting, but it was the first thing that popped in my head XD


Gah... I need to practice male anatomy. And my scanner turned the shading into shiiiiiz >.<
Hope you like the attempt of fanservice, dear! XD
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